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Rules and Regulations



Cross Keys





1) Drinking of alcoholic beverages will be done at a tolerable level. No Drinking of alcoholic beverages will be allowed prior to the battle. No drinking while the camp is open to the pulbic.

2) All participants must register and sign liability waiver forms.

3) No gunfire on Sunday until after 12:00 noon.

4) The Sponsors and Host Unit reserve the right to disallow any item, person, or activity deemed unsafe or inappropriate.

5) In the event of a dispute, the FINAL DECISION will be with the Sponsors and Host Unit.

6) NO non-period music, musical instrument, or playback equipment. In period camps.

7) Vehicles must park in designated areas only—ALL VEHICLES OUT OF CAMP BY 8:30 SATURDAY AND SUNDAY!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!

8) DOGS other than service animals are not allowed to run free,they must be kept in camp. This means 24 hours a day from Friday until Sunday! NO EXCEPTIONS. No animals allowed in food vendors area,this includes horses.

9) Quiet time from 10 pm to 7am

10) NO use of illegal drug permitted. The police will be called.

11) Each Unit will be responsible for authenticity inspection, needs to be done prior to spectators entering camps.

12) Please keep all non-period items undercover at all times.

13) All campfire safety precautions must be followed. Please fill in fire pits at the end of event.



1) All safety rules must be followed. A safety inspection will precede each battle.

2) Hand to hand combat is forbidden!!

3) Unit commanders are responsible for the conduct of all their people on and off the field.

4) Any soldier who is found to have missed any safety inspection will not be allowed on the field. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

5) NO participant will act in an unsafe or reckless manner at any time.

6) Gun commanders should report to the artillery commander upon arrival in the camp.

7) All participants MUST have full canteens on the field.

8) No ball, projectiles, paper, wadding, etc. will be placed down a barrel at any time

9) Non-Reenactors will NOT be allowed to fire weapons.

10) Knives carried must be firmly sheathed at all times!!!

11) No live ammunition or fireworks. Gunpowder should be carried as pre-rolled period cartridges only. NO penny rollers, staples, tape, aluminum foil or waxed rounds. NO “wonder wads.” (Aluminum is allowed to be used by Artillery only.)

12) Children under age 18 must have a parent/guardian signature on the Release of Liability Form.

13) Children MUST be supervised at all times.



1) Non-Reenactors will NOT be allowed to ride horses.

2) No horses allowed in the vending and public areas.

3) EVERY HORSE MUST A CURRENT COGGINS.   It must be presented at registration. No stud horses allowed at this event !!!

 On site contact Dennis Crocker if assistance is needed.